Iyanuoluwa Shittu



Meet Iyanuoluwa Moyinoluwa Shittu, the popular 'Tiv yam girl' turned conservation educationist extraordinaire! With a flair for teaching and a skill for getting folks excited about saving the planet, Iyanuoluwa has been making waves in the conservation scene for over 2 years. She got her 'Tiv yam girl' name from crowdfunding a borehole construction and being gifted 80 tubers of yam by the Tiv community in Benue State, Nigeria.

Hailing from Nigeria, Iyanuoluwa's passion for the Sustainable Development Goals started back in university. But it wasn't until she became the proud owner of 80 tubers of yam that she realized her true calling – community development services and raising a squad of African conservationists (with extra emphasis on recruiting more women this time). She is currently studying for her MPhil in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge and is a part of the programs & entertainment team planning ASCU’s 10th Anniversary.

When she's not busy championing the cause of biodiversity conservation, you'll find Iyanuoluwa surfing the web or jamming on her percussion instruments. Music and nature are her ultimate sources of inspiration, fuelling her mission to save the forests and the wildlife that call them home.

Get ready, Nigeria and Africa – Iyanuoluwa is on a mission to save our remaining forest and wildlife, one community at a time!


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